Waiters’ Waltz


Look up.

You’re in a café

(coffee, smoke, the baking bread)

A large café, it’s large and dark

(dim light, warm light, long buzz, dark clothes)

– And now one passes by!

The waiters are moving from side to side.

They carry the cups and the trays and the plates.

Back and forth

And to and fro

Together, they glide through the crowd.

A whisper, a flash

But on the men go

Their plates and their glasses are clinking (tap-tap!)

The waiters are weaving a dance.

They’re weaving a dance

A pattern of steps

A tight little waltz through the tables and chairs.

They’re waltzing like bees

They move to a beat

With faces demure

Each movement concise

They’re clear and crisp

They move to a beat.


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