The Fall #1

I haven’t felt cold since Spain

Thinks the boy

Watching a leaf

Drift slowly to the ground

A gust of wind runs by

The leaves are falling all around now

Swirling motes of red and gold

The boy closes his eyes and listens

Crows call out

Perched in the branches

Above his head

When they take flight he opens his eyes

And the sky is filled with wings

Clouds of black move this way and that

Twisting through the treetops

And up, up

Higher until they are gone

And he can’t hear their voices

The town is full of trees

And when the summer ends

They lose their green

In a blaze of color

They gorge themselves on sunlight

Soaking it up

Until it drips from their leaves

Like a sigh, like a breath

Release, then fall apart

As they die they turn the color

Of fire

He glances around and sees

A familiar face in the crowd below

His sister is coming towards him

Walking up the hill

Her hair is like a mist in the sun

Time slows around her as she climbs

The crowd rushes quickly by

But as she escapes its pull

She gathers her own field of gravity

And floats away, grinning

Her cheeks are flushed with cold


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