A Poem for Elise

Your dark eyes are almost mine

They gleam like jade

Haughty in your porcelain face.

You turn: the planes and lines converge

The delicate

The strong

Find harmony beneath your crown

Of bronze December hair.

Daughter of autumn

Heir to to her throne

Your song sounds high and sweet

Morose as falling leaves.

Who can know you?

Who can see?

The light of summer lingers on your skin

But your pallor betrays the coming snow.

Spartan, sharp

Yet gentle to the core

You’re a lion, you’re a swan.

Slender, poised

But adamantine

Are you silver? Are you steel?

Take flight

Spread your wings

And come to me.

Bring the winter winds.

I miss you, sister, self

Your kindness lights a fire

To warm the hearth of my heart.

I need you, sister, sovereign

For yours is the iron hand

Sheathed in a satin glove.

Where are you now?

I hear your music from far away:

Your bow glides over and over the strings

And I step to the notes

Of your velvet violin.


**Music Pairing: Für Elise, Beethoven


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