Song of the Lonely Crone

Early morning, crack of dawn

Sunrise comes and passes on

Bluebirds sing in golden tones

So the dew won’t feel alone


Afternoon-time, sun is high

Clouds like icebergs cross the sky

Housecats nap, cicadas drone

So the sun won’t feel alone


Day is ending, stars come out

Crickets chirp and bullfrogs shout

Sandman crumbles sleeping-stone

So the dusk won’t feel alone


Late at night when I’m asleep

Oak trees creak and willows weep

Midnight branches sway and groan

So the moon won’t feel alone


Years can pass like falling leaves

Seasons whisper through the trees

Light a candle for the crone

So the crone won’t feel alone


Candle burning, summer-bright

Friend in autumn’s failing light

Making soft the winter’s bite

My springtime heart’s delight


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