Three AM

Three AM and I’m awake

Whiskey raindrops in my eye

Tumbling down my parchment cheek

Tripping towards the amber sky


Stepping forward, stepping back

Drumbeats in my rattled knees

On the floor my hinges creak

Out the door for summer breeze


I don’t know you, but we’ve met

Somewhere in the body maze

Morning never looked so bleak

Stumble through the midnight haze


Six feet under neon lights

Thunder rumbles in my chest

We can sway but never speak

This is how you like me best


Hearts are pounding, faces bored

Red-hot venom down the hatch

You are strong when I am weak

You’re the striker, I’m the match


If you want me, hold me not

Leave me when the sun is up

Silence settles, off you sneak

Whiskey raindrops in my cup


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